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Custom Magento Development for your Online Business

Magento is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms, over 250.000 web stores are currently using it. We help you scale your eCommerce business offering a full pack of Magento development services.

Why Magento ?

There are several reasons to choose Magento for your eCommerce business. If you want to have the liberty to customize your platform and adapt it to your needs, then Magento is the answer to your requests. If you're not convinced, take a look below to see the main advantages of this powerful open-source CMS.

  • Powerful/Scalable Platform

    Big number of products? Lots of orders received? Don't worry, this powerful, easy scalable platform will manage millions of customers and orders.

  • Adapted to your needs

    Magento is very customizable - with the right coding team, you can tailor the eCommerce solution you've always needed.

  • Sales-Oriented

    Unlike most of the CMS with eCommerce add-ons, Magento was built with a clear sales-oriented purpose.

  • Multi-store Functionality

    You can manage multiple stores from a single admin panel. You can create multi-language online shops and serve multiple countries.

  • Easy Checkout

    Its architecture allows end-users to place orders with minimum effort. Optimized for mobile and, with the right set-up, you can have a very fast check-out process.

  • Highly Secure

    You don't have to worry about security issues. Magento is well-known as a highly secure eCommerce platform. You can rest assure your customer data will be protected.

  • Multiple Integrations

    Integrating third-party business tools has never been easier. Payment Processors, Marketplaces, Marketing Automation Tools and other cool useful stuff.

  • SEO & Mobile Friendly

    It has lots of built-in functionality that will help your eCommerce store be well indexed by search engines. Customers will enjoy a good experience, be it on desktop or mobile.

Get in touch with us to talk about your eCommerce project.

Magento Development Services

Our team of experienced developers is ready to build your eCommerce project based on your vision. We offer high-end Magento development services and we are proud of our 250+ custom modules tailored for our clients' requirements. Need anything related to Magento development? Tell us about it and we'll find a way to make it happen.

Magento 2 Development

Do you want to expand your business with a native eCommerce solution that could easily turn your business into a global one? Magento2 is a good choice, having all the features needed so you can sell worldwide, even if you're keen on B2C or B2B.

This version of Magento works like the perfect binder between you and your customers. Top brands like Nike have chosen this powerful platform due to its great functionality combined with multiple customization options. Also, all your marketing efforts will find in Magento2 a reliable partner.

If you're already in the eCommerce business and want to get ready for the future, boost your sales and find new customers, Magento2 is the perfect solution.

Magento UI/UX Design

When defining the look of your online store, it's important to have a clear image in mind of your ideal customer. That will influence all the decisions we make during the design process of your Magento store.

The store's design needs to reflect your brand and your values, resonate with your customers and provide them with a quick and simple way to access your products.

When we start designing your e-store we have two things in mind. We create cutting-edge design and great user experience following the latest UI/UX practices.

Mobile experience is at the forefront of our thoughts when designing anything, as trends lead to mobile soon overtaking desktop for online shopping.

Custom Magento Development

The large scale of custom features that can be added to your Magento store is one of the main advantages of this robust platform.

If you know the true value of your customers, your web-shop structure and functionality will be tailored with one goal: creating long-term relationships with your clients.

Magento gives you a variety of ways for further customization. We can create the perfect ecosystem that will bring together your ideal customers and make them loyal to your brand through an appealing design and great user experience.

To be able to get this done, we create custom modules to bring extra features to your online shop. Also, a clean environment where you can have all "behind the scenes" aspects (inventory management, orders, clients database) put in order is the key to eCommerce success.

That's why before starting your project, we take our time to talk to you and your team and understand your ideal client and your requirements, our mission is to customize your online shop and adapt it to your requirements and your customers' expectations.

Magento 3rd Party Integrations

For an eCommerce store to work at 100% potential you need to make sure that it's connected with various third party business tools and apps such as:

  • Payment Systems
  • Shipping Methods
  • e-Fulfillment Solutions
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting Software
  • Marketing Tools
  • Conversion-Rate Optimization Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Various Marketplaces
  • Other eCommerce platforms

Magento Support

Your Magento store is up and running. What next? It needs a support team because activities like performance enhancement, store security, updating, and bug fixing, need your undivided attention. Having a dedicated Magento support team in place would help in incorporating the latest in Magento, keeping your store’s performance at its peak.

By having your Magento platform taken care of by our dedicated support team, you will be able to focus your attention on other activities like internal operations, marketing strategies, conversion rate optimization, and market expansion.

Magento 2 Migration

If you feel that your online store is ready to scale to the next phase of its life cycle, our team can help with the migration of your online store to Magento2. It's a powerful platform, that allows almost endless scalability, rich with features and a well planned out administration panel to support large enterprises over multiple countries.

We have successfully handled the full process of migration for several platforms from Magento1 to Magento2.

Why did they choose to migrate from Magento1 to Magento 2? Well, here's an info-graphic that will point the advantages of the newer version:

Magento 1 vs Magento 2

  • No new updates after June 2020
  • No support after June 2020
  • Slower loading
  • Limited older architecture
  • Loads Faster
  • Easier Checkout
  • Supports latest PHP versions
  • Better UI/UX
  • Improved Admin Interface
  • Can handle more orders / hour

Migrating to Magento2 is not only reserved for Magento1 stores though, we have also successfully handled migrations from WooCommerce, Open Cart, Prestashop, Shopify, and several other custom platforms.

Contact our team to find out if migration from your platform is possible.

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Magento Development Process

First, we try to understand all the aspects of your business and find out your goals and requirements.
How your online shop will look and work will have a great impact on the customer journey. We approach this step from a UI/UX design perspective based on your demands.
We make sure we build and integrate everything needed so your online shop will be ready to sell.
Testing is an important step because when we want to launch a fully functional web-store.
1, 2, 3 Go !
Your eCommerce website is live and ready to sell.
There's always room for improvement, so if you need extra-functionalities and integrations we are ready to meet your needs.
Full-cycle Support
Now that your Magento store is up and running, we offer ongoing support and maintenance so don't worry, we've got you covered.

Migration of a Global Multistore from Magento 1 to Magento 2 (Case Study)

Studiu de caz Sansha - Migrare spre Magento 2

With the end of support for Magento 1, Sansha's management decided they needed a better alternative.

To comply with customer requirements, it was necessary to come up with a migration plan that involved keeping the store`s general look and feel, transferring the database completely, and developing three completely custom B2B stores, capable to manage massive product orders.

We transferred the data for all 13 online stores to the new platform so that the customer would benefit from all the advantages Magento 2 has to offer, without affecting their day-to-day activities, during the entire period of the migration process.

Why Choose us?

  • Six years of Magento development experience.
  • Dedicated magento devs for your projects.
  • Wide area of expertise.
  • Conversion driven approach.
  • eCommerce SEO skilled developers.
  • Our middle name is "custom".
  • Over 250 custom modules/extensions created.
  • Strategic approach to help you reach your goals.

Custom Magento Development for your business

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