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Extra Services

On top of our main, regular services, we offer smaller, more specific skillsets that you could possibly make use of in your project.

Additional Digital Services

These are the top five extra services we could offer you. They blend perfectly with the main services we provide.

Technical Support

We offer technical support for anything we do, and we can take over from other companies, as long as the project was built good enough. Otherwise, we have to review your system, and a refactoring of the code might be required before we are able to help.

Website Audit

We use our tools to measure the health of our clients’ websites, determine the best place to start making a difference, and discover any red flags. Our audit services include Technical audit, SEO, Website speed issues, hack & vulnerabilities.

Content & Data Management

Keep your data up to date! Using our experience and tools we can save you the time on managing your content/data. You can save time on:

Web Hosting &

For all websites & applications that we build we can offer Hosting which comes with a mandatory maintenance fee, as we make sure your website/system is always up to date and in time with modern standards. We can offer Hosting and Maintenance as a package, to save you money.


We can provide a dedicated Project Manager to businesses that are undertaking a technical project but don’t necessarily have the time or budget for a full-time PM. Using it you will meet the deadlines and efficiently manage your budget.

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