Additional Digital Services

On top of our main, regular services, we offer smaller, more specific skillsets that you could possibly make use of in your project.

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Technical Support

We offer technical support for anything we do, and we can take over from other companies, as long as the project was built good enough. Otherwise we have to review your system, and a refactoring of the code might be required before we are able to help.

Website Audit

We use our tools to measure the health of our clients’ websites, determine the best place to start making a difference, and discover any red flags. Our audit services include:

  • Full technical audit - we can find & solve any issues & bugs and/or even add new features to your system

  • SEO audit - we review your sites SEO state and come up with a plan on how you can improve it

  • Website speed related issues - we can find the cause and apply the required fix

  • Hack & Vulnerabilities - we can clean up your system and fix the vulnerabilities in case of hack & hack attempts

Content/Data Management

Keep your data up to date! Using our experience and tools we can save you the time on managing your content/data. You can save time on:

  • Import/Export - for products or any other type of content

  • Content management - change current content, rewrite & reformat

  • Data processing - using our tools we can automatically process your necessary data

Web Hosting & Website Maintenance

For all websites & applications we build we can offer hosting, if the client requires it. This service comes with a mandatory maintenance fee, as we make sure your website/system is always up to date and in time with modern standards.

For new customers, on projects that we have not developed ourselves, we would have to take a code analysis & monitor their existing system’s server usage before we could take them on our Hosting & Maintenance plan.

Project Management

We can provide a dedicated Project Manager to businesses that are undertaking a technical project, but don’t necessarily have the time or budget for a full-time PM.

A project manager needs to be in constant communication both with the development team and the client, to ensure that each specification point is met; and has to carefully plan ahead, so the project remains within the dedicated timeframe and budget.

  • You only pay for your budgeted hours, we bill in 1 hour increments

  • If the hours aren't used the hours aren't billed, if you stop we stop

  • We white label ourselves, becoming part of your team


Do you have a project in mind? An idea? Need to ask a few technical questions? Contact us and let’s see how we can help.

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