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Teach For Romania - Edustart
The first platform in Romania for assessing students' socio-emotional skills (SEL)

The mission of Teach for Romania is to provide teachers with the right means and tools to establish a solid connection with students.

In partnership with the UiPath Foundation, they came up with the initiative of a SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) web application that our team of web developers had the honor of transforming from an idea to reality.

Edustart is offered free of charge, and it represents their way of bringing their know-how to the educational system.

Web Application
Laravel, HTML5, CSS3 , jQuery, PHP, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD.

The Problem

Designing a solid and user-friendly platform

Our client needed a platform to incorporate tested and substantiated solutions by their team of education professionals, focused on measuring and improving the socio-emotional skills (SEL) of students by class groups.

  • Custom design
    (logo and concept)
  • Responsive
  • Simplified access
  • Roles and permissions
    by access levels
  • Anonymous complex

Our Customer

Building models for the future

Teach for Romania is an education leadership program that seeks systemic changes in the educational process. It involves providing competent staff, trained to achieve an inclusive high-quality educational process, to schools located in vulnerable communities.

Their leadership education model inspires and grows teachers who encourage self-esteem and confidence in children living in disadvantaged areas.

Our solution

A SEL measurement application with functional and intuitive design

Teach for Romania in partnership with the UiPath Foundation laid the foundations of a project that helps teachers assess the SEL levels of each class of students and adapt the teaching activities so that all children can develop the socio-emotional skills (SEL) needed to thrive in society.

We welcomed their initiative with open arms and with great enthusiasm, and we gathered together the necessary details to start working on Edustart.


Creating an easy-to-use interface for all user groups

The intended end-users are both students and teachers as well as school principals and institutions involved in public or private education in Romania. With this in mind, the main objective was to build an application as intuitive as possible, to allow simplified access and different data flows according to roles and permissions.


Turning vision into reality

Based on our client's brief, we defined together the milestones and we selected the optimal alternatives for carrying out the general tasks in order to deliver results.

We made sure all our client's organization values will be found in the concept of the new platform.

The next step was to allocate a development team, plan the project stages together with the project manager and assign the respective tasks.

In order for our team to be able to respond quickly to any required changes, it was agreed that the deliverables would be evaluated continuously according to the planned stages, from monitoring and testing, until launch day.

The continuous communication flow between the project manager, the development team and the client as well as their detailed feedback are the main factors that led to a successful completion of the application.

  • 4 months
  • 1 Web Designer
  • 2 Web Developers
  • 1 Project Manager

Dev Notes


In order to create a versatile platform, we chose to develop the application in Laravel, and for the design and UX part we used technologies like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP.

Final result

  • Customized data flow in the application
  • Simplified access and different data flows depending on roles and permissions according to user access level
  • Easy access for teachers who need to assess students' socio-emotional abilities in the context of education.
  • Teachers can easily register their school on the platform, if it is not already available
  • Students can provide feedback to the teacher by answering questionnaires on their favorite device (laptop / mobile / tablet) using unique self-generated links
  • Depending on the teacher`s needs, the application can generate different types of reports and charts.

Our collaboration with Royalsoft was an excellent one, with delivery of results beyond expectations. We noticed the orientation towards the usability of the product, the speed of response and the proposal of very pertinent solutions adapted to our needs.

Vlad Alexe
Organizational Development Director

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