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Fairytale Moments –
Online WooCommerce store

Fairytale Moments is a company that specialized in organizing special events and marketing event decorations.

Our client required a website that included the functionality of an online store as well.

Since this was their first contact with eCommerce, the customer wanted an easy-to-manage solution for their online store.

Online Store
WooCommerce, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

The Problem

Creating a Custom
Online Store

Fairytale Moments needed an eCommerce website that could help present their services which consisted of a wide range of personalized events. Furthermore, they needed the means to sell their products, specific to the event planning niche market.

Based on some website examples the customer had mentioned, we had to come up with a minimalist design to fit their preferences.

  • Responsive
  • Social Media
  • Fast
  • Event
  • Payment & Delivery

Our Customer

Events inspired by memorable stories

From anniversary parties to corporate gatherings, Fairytale Moments is a company that specialized in organizing themed events.

We had to keep in mind that this was their first experience with an online store when we proposed our solution.

Our solution

An Online Shop with a Predefined Theme

Given the budget and the business size, we advised the best solution would be a WooCommerce store, with a predefined theme. The client had the opportunity to choose their favorite style and template

The next step was to offer a pleasant visual experience, without interfering with the speed and accessibility of our proposed solution.


Creating a Functional and Intuitive Design

The main objective of this project was to offer an easy-to-use, visually intuitive solution that separates the services area from the product offer area.

Another important objective was that the proposed solution would be easy to use not only by the store`s administrator but also by their respective customers. The ordering process had to be simple and we had to find a way to enable event planning on the platform.


Start in eCommerce with Full-time Support

For starters, we studied the elements that were part of the existing online profile to understand what their ideal customer looked like.

This way we were able to align our goals with our customer`s requirements. Moving forward, we started working on developing a complete online identity that would appeal to the target audience.

Along the way, we have integrated a lot of extra features so we could meet the needs of our customer.

Knowing that it was their first experience in online commerce, we had several meetings with the business owner to go through all the necessary steps. We worked together to complete the initial configuration, to set up the products, pages, we chose the right configuration of payment methods, delivery, and all other items needed to launch the online store.

  • 2 months
  • 1 Web Designer
  • 2 Web Developers
  • 1 Project Manager

Dev Notes


To meet our customer`s requirements, we chose WooCommerce, the online commerce WordPress plugin. The template design was handpicked by our customer, and we build on it for exceptional results, using the following technologies: WooCommerce, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP.

Final result

  • A sustainable e-commerce solution, with all the necessary features needed for success
  • A platform that is easy to manage
  • An easy-to-use online store that offers a pleasant customer experience on any device
  • A modern online store that provides online payment options
  • A website optimized for search engine results and indexing
  • An online store ready for marketing actions

I give the team a 10/10. They are very diligent and took my ideas to the next level. I highly recommend them!

Andreea Videanu
General Manager Fairytale Moments

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