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Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is not about choosing your words for SEO as most of the content creators think. The concept of content marketing goes way back in time when people didn't know a thing about things like SEO and online marketing. It's about telling a relevant story for your business in order to connect with your audience and create a great experience for your future clients. And it's not only about telling a great story but how you tell it.

Why Content Marketing?

The concept of content marketing goes way back in time even before the internet appeared. These days people need to feel they're special, that you care about them and you don't just pitch products/services to them. In order to make that happen, you have to deliver great content and connect to them by offering valuable information. That's how you build an online reputation that will help you not only get new clients but keep existing ones.

How content marketing works?

Content marketing is about developing high-quality content for every part of your business presence and delivering it to a targeted audience through the channels that turn out to be effective. It should hit two points at once, first of all, it has to bring value and second of all, it should follow best SEO practices.

Content for each stage

In order to create great content, you have to figure out your client's consumption habits and then divide content into three different stages. First, there is a so-called awareness stage where the customers become aware of you, they notice your business. Then there is, of course, the consideration stage where people heard about your business and they decide whether or not to buy from you. And finally there is the decision stage when people already gained trust in you, they know your products and they are actually ready to buy.

Paid, Owned and Earned

In the digital sector paid media includes Pay Per Click adverts, retargeting adverts, sponsored social media posts. Owned media refers to the content you create and publish on your own channels - website, blogs, social media content. Earned media is the content around your brand that has been created by somebody else and published somewhere other than your owned channels, outside your company.

    • google ads
    • facebook ads
    • google retargeting
    • display advertising
    • website content
    • blog posts
    • facebook updates
    • tweets, pins, linkedin posts
    • infographics
    • word of mouth
    • social media mentions
    • social media shares
    • product reviews

Quality Content for your Business

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