Conversion Rate Optimization

Users enter your website but they don’t take the actions you’d like them to take such as subscribing to your newsletter, liking your social media profiles, and, most important, buying your product. That’s the easiest way to understand conversion rate optimization. It represents a strategy that will increase the number of users that take the desired actions when visiting your website.


The macro conversions are straight connected with the main goal you’ve set regarding your website visitors. In most cases that will resume to the actual purchase.

  • buying a product from a website
  • buying/subscribing to a service
  • requesting a quote


There are some smaller conversions that take place before the macro ones happen. They are called micro-conversions:

  • signing up for the newsletter
  • creating an account
  • adding a product to cart/wishlist

Take advantage of Social Media

Royalsoft can help you build a strong and effective relationship with your customers by increasing your exposure on social media.

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