Website Development

Transforming Ideas. Digitally.

Every project is a unique experience; we start by having a deep understanding of your business, competitors, customers and values. We go through all the stages of: analysis, planning, designing, slicing, programming, filling with content and testing, until we are no longer a service provider, but a part of your team.

Our code is Responsive, Tested and Maintainable

We are experts in creating completely bespoke Wordpress websites. We make it easy on you to manage, as every section of the frontend will be carefully represented on the backend, being 100% customizable at a glance. We don’t use pre-existing themes, and we build specifically purposed plugins based on your needs and specifications, which will be extremely easy to maintain, as we can guarantee that no plugin will break in the foreseeable future.

Fully responsive

Royalsoft specializes in building highly performant mobile websites, your website will not only adapt and resize to fit any device, but it will do it with a fast loading speed. This will not only be a benefit for your customers, but it will also help your website avoid search engine penalties.

How we work

  • Get a sense of the client's needs and project scope

  • Initial cost and time estimate, amended after specs are done

  • Define tech specs and go through the design process

  • Develop project based on aforemention specs & design

  • Final tests and deployment of the project

To bring more value to our working process we have developed an effective management platform that helps us deliver on time and on budget.

Our technology stack

For delivering modern, scalable, flawlessly working apps and websites, we rely on top-notch technology. Here are the web development solutions that help us deliver high quality websites and applications.

  • Powerful open source programming language.

  • Cross-platform JS library that simplifies client-side scripting.

  • Latest standard that defines the structure of your website.

  • Newest styling markup for your website.

  • One of the most popular PHP framework today.

  • Most popular open source Content Management System

If you need custom web development services, we can help you find the best solution that will bring value to your business.

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