Reasons Why Good Website Design Matters

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Website design is important, often it’s the first impression customers get of your company and judge your company based on the quality of it. Design issues could lead to the mistrust of your website.

Good customer perception is what every business looks for, so investing in good web design it’s worthwhile.

Web design is more than a visual aspect

Steve Jobs said: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works

A good designer will know that design is the entire experience from the moment users enter your site to well after they’ve left. He will put together all the pieces: who you are, who your company is, your audience, what information is most important to display, what the competitors in your field are doing, the hierarchy of the layout, typography, colors, images and will create a design that communicates with your audience in the clearest and eye-catching way possible.

Responsiveness of the website across multiple devices and screen sizes

Many users are relying on their mobile devices to browse for content, not having a responsive web design is deadly for your business nowadays.

A responsive website design should have at least 3 layouts for different browser widths, designers must keep an eye on how every element is performing and tailor the UI and UX of a website design across different devices and platforms.

Design Sells

Web design is equivalent to packaging design for consumer goods, customers pay for the product or service, but they are also influenced by the “packaging.”

Attractive web design increases the perceived value of your products and trustworthiness of your business, that’s why it plays a big role in successful online sales and marketing.

Make sure your design is not cluttered, disorganized, outdated, boring, lacks navigation aids and also forget about pop-up advertisements, they are annoying to users and represent a distraction.

When you are redesigning, de-clutter your site so it improves your website usability and aesthetics simultaneously. An improved “look” increases conversions and trustworthiness and leads to more people doing business through your website.

Reaching targeted audience

Before starting your business you establish what and who your target audience would be, despite how well defined it is in your strategy, targeting this market is not so easy. This is where design becomes very useful as a communication tool.

Design can be used as a universal language in order to communicate to your audience for who your products or services are, making them easy to be identified. Elements like images and graphics  can be used to attract a targeted audience on your website.

  • Use graphics in ways that complement the content/text, without overshadowing it.
  • Use smaller images, for not slowing down your website.
  • If you don’t have your own pictures, use unlicensed ones, to avoid copyright issues.
  • Add meta descriptions for SEO, this makes you easier to be found by your audience.

Memorable Brand

It’s scientifically proven that memories can be triggered by design techniques like selective use of color. So using a distinguishable design technique like color, a unique layout, an original and creative concept can make your brand memorable and easy to be recognized.


If you want to build a website or if you’re considering redesigning your current one, it doesn’t have to be the most beautiful website online, but it does need to look good. It has to make a good first impression by being organized, easy to be read and by having an uncluttered layout and appealing colors.

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