5 Common SEO Mistakes to avoid

By: on February 02, 2018 Categories: Digital Marketing

SEO mistakes

When you are implementing your strategy, aiming to get that first page ranking, you can make some SEO mistakes along the way.
SEO is the kind of work you have to do and improve continuously, so you can find the correct approach that brings you the best results. Here are 5 of the mistakes you should watch out for:

1. Not Optimizing your Website Navigation

Website navigation plays a big role for both user experience and search engine optimization. Making it hard to find important content can lead to customers leaving the website and losing search engine ranking.

We recommend that you make your website content easy to be found, classifying it in main categories. Also making a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page would add a big plus for user experience.

Submitting a XML sitemap will inform search engine bots about the content of your web pages and about how pages are related to each other.

2. Not Optimizing for Local Search

Another one that goes in the SEO mistakes category. If your business sells products or provides services to customers within a certain area, you should focus mainly on local search.

Add specific keywords for that area in the page titles and meta descriptions. Add relevant content to your website and blog about your products or services.

It is also important that you list yourself on sites like Google Places or FourSquare. Add your business address and phone number, this way you will increase your chances to show up in the local search results. Also your website has to be mobile responsive, as potential customers that are in your area, are using their phone when searching for businesses like yours.

3. Keyword stuffing

When starting a SEO campaign, it’s easy to fall in this trap, after choosing the right keywords, adding them on every page of the website will not make it rank higher, in fact it will have the opposite effect.

In search results, Google will show just one page for a specific keyword. If there are more pages, the pages with a lower quality content can negatively affect the SEO of the better page.

4. Choosing the Wrong Keywords

This is the most common of SEO mistakes, in the process of selecting keywords, many businesses are neglecting the preferences of search engines and users.

A good question to include in your strategy is “What word would my potential customer use when searching for products or services similar to mine?”. Another point to take in consideration would be to settle just for the relevant, specific keyword that will be able to bring the right traffic to your website.

Avoid keywords that are too competitive, as there are too many websites that already use these keywords. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner and find out which keywords are rated high up there. Other keywords to avoid are: keywords that most likely nobody is searching for and keywords that are too generic.

5. Not Using Analytics

One thing that many businesses forget when being caught up in the process of optimizing, is that it’s not all about the free traffic. It is also about having higher conversion rates.

The only way to see if all of your SEO efforts are having an effect is to track their progress and see which are worth focusing on. Using tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools you can regularly get an overview of your website’s performance.

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