Off-site SEO

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Off-site SEO

Applying off-site SEO it’s about promoting your website mostly through inbound links and social media influence, in order to get positive reviews, links, brand mentions, etc.

Once you followed on-site SEO tips, and increased your chances of higher ranking you can also work on building your website trust and popularity.

Link building

Content– Creating quality content it’s a good practice not only for on-site but for off-site SEO also. If it’s useful and has new info you increase your chances of having external links to your website.

Link exchange– If you do it right, it’s a useful off-site SEO tool that will have a good impact on your site traffic. Before finding your exchange buddy, make sure you do a little research on them first. Pick someone who can actually give you some traffic, who has a quality website, with content related to yours.

Do-follow vs. no-follow links – Google made it official that they don’t count no-follow links, so make sure you have more do-follow links.

Guest blogging– Reach out to blogs that your audience is already reading, again make sure you are writing good content and don’t forget to include links back to your site.

Comment on forums, blogs- Search within your niche forums, discussion boards, or blogs, for questions or topics and try answering those questions, give useful advice on topics you know you are good at, and of course link to your website, this way  you may help some people, who can later come straight to you becoming potential customers.

Social media

Create an account on a social platform that suits you– Having to take care of multiple social media accounts might be time consuming or inefficient, so take a step back and analyze what works best for your business.

Know your audience– Even before starting your online marketing strategy, you must define your ideal customer types, as this will help you find the best way to reach them.

Be responsive– Reply to messages and comments that you receive, in a way that you provide a high-quality customer service, avoid giving robotic answers. Showing your human side, in a respectful and professional way is always a good way of engagement.

Reviews – In our day and age, reviews are probably the most important and engaging thing for a customer. Having good reviews solidifies your business image in your customer’s eyes, and helps you get more business both from the existing customer base and from future potential customers. At the same time, if you get bad reviews, it gives you an opportunity to engage with your customer and promise him you will fix whatever made him unhappy. And don’t forget, even bad publicity, is publicity. Engaging with customers is vital.

Connect with influencers– Search for influencers that could promote your services or products. They usually have a lot of followers, and in the eyes of their audience, they have a valuable opinion about a product or a service. Find an influencer and propose a collaboration.

Viral campaigns– Are not easy to come up with, but when you create a successful social media campaign it will most certainly be in your advantage. Make it visually appealing, specific for your audience and keep it real, no one likes fake and forced things.

When a new platform arises, jump on it, keep up with the times and try it, chances are that it will grow in time and you being there from the beginning might bring some advantages.

Guest podcasting- Contact a podcast host and propose a collaboration, by being a guest on a podcast you have the chance to give your expert advice, reaching and growing your audience.

Referrals from your current clients

Last but not least, if you know you have clients that are satisfied with your product or services you can ask them for a referral. Usually, this helps also with word of mouth, satisfied customers will always recommend to their friend and families or acquaintances quality products or services. You can use referrals on your website or social media platforms.

After doing all this work you have to wait for a while, off-site SEO results don’t come immediately. If your website is new you will have to be patient.

Most of all ensure that you provide good quality products or services that serve your customer right, because good publicity or SEO tools are not enough for your business if your products or services are disappointing your customers.

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