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start an ecommerce business

eCommerce business is becoming more popular and profitable because of many advantages online shopping buyers have since the beginning of the electronic commerce era.
If you’ve decided to open such a business, we describe the main steps you should follow for the success of your new business.

The key steps of an eCommerce store: Research, Write your business plan, Build, Launch and Evolve


First things first you must choose the products you what to sell. Your main focus on this step is to find the products and market fit that converts well. For this, you must evaluate the market demand for your products and also the products viability.
Then decide how and where you are going to get the products.
Do also a research and gather information on your niche market, find and understand what your competition is doing.

Write your eCommerce business plan

Having a business plan will help you see the whole ensemble and make a strategy for future growing of your business.

Develop your eCommerce business

First thing on this step is to create a name and a logo. Your company name should be original and easy for the customer to remember. Same thing with the logo, make it visible and representative for the category of products you are selling.
Register your business, contact an attorney to assist you in legal business issues.
Before starting to build your actual online store learn about the basics of SEO and understand the importance of optimizing your site for Google and other search engines.


The most important role in this step is played by who you choose to build your e-store. Cheap and quick services will always lead to problems of a poor foundation. For example, free web hosting will go hand in hand with websites being hacked, servers going down repeatedly and many other issues.

At Royalsoft we trust the most capable and flexible technologies available: Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Open Cart, and Big Commerce platforms. First impression is crucial so our designs combine inviting appearance with a seamless shopping experience. Rock solid code provides a fluid experience on any device.

We recommend using high-quality product images and writing description focused on selling. High-quality pictures that can be expanded let customers check out all the product’s details. These aspects make your product pages more useful and also lower the chances of unhappy customers and returned products.

Use a good payment processor, having a good payment gateway makes your e-store trustworthy.


Make a Shipping Strategy for Your Online Store, plan out your strategy in a profitable way for both you and your customers, this way you avoid unfinished orders and abandoned carts. Packaging, Shipping Carriers, Shipping Time and Costs are the most important parts of your shipping strategy.

Define your key performance indicators. After launching your e-store monitor them to identify progress toward sales, marketing, and customer service goals.

Make your presence on social media, choose a social platform that works best for your business.

Prepare your future email marketing strategy.

Until you launch your full website, launch your landing page, use it to showcase your products, your brand, and pre-launch offers.


At this point, you are sure that you’ve checked every aspect of your plan and your online store opens. It’s important not to wait until everything is flawless. From now on you need to constantly make improvements and learn to handle every situation that comes up, focus on marketing and optimizing conversions.

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